Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our TWO Pools

It has been raining for the past 3 days...Texas is FLAT! Our yard is no diffferent! The water has no place to go so it puddles and pools everywhere! So you can see...we now have two pools in our backyard. Oh the joys!

Football Injury #2

About a year ago, I took Grant to Care Now with his first football injury...stitches in his chin...Two weeks ago Grant was playing in his first season football game and had the unfortunate experience of being hit from behind. It was only the 5th play of the bummer! Off to Care Now again. It was determined there that we needed to take him to the emergency room at the hospital. The doctor thought he'd need surgery. Yikes! The 2 doctors at the ER and the orthopaedic on the phone decided he didn't need surgery. Bring him in on Monday and they would cast it. Not so. On Monday the doctor determined that in fact he would need to be sedated and the bones set in place. So...on WEDNESDAY afternoon the dastardly deed was done! Grant was NOT happy to have an IV (the worst part of it all!) He's out for about 6 weeks but still goes to all of the practices and games. He's itching to get on the field again. He's a tough kid and has enjoyed the attention having a huge cast brings!