Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Conversation, Diet Coke and a Booth

I have turned into a "lunch with friends" junkie. If I go a week without sitting in a comfy booth, sipping Diet Coke and chatting with a close friend, I go through withdrawls :) I have determined that professional counseling (which I have experienced, TMI, I already know) is over-rated. Just grab a good friend, you know, someone who not only talks, but who knows how to listen too, and head on out to your favorite hole-in-the-wall. I have a great friend who works close to one of our local "dives". I know what she wants, so I order for her, she races in, we eat and talk and then she is back at work. We know how to be efficient. We are multi-talented, multi-taskers...we are mothers, after all. I am so grateful for a great group of friends who humor me and don't mind spending time with me. I heard it said once that women take care of women...I believe that! My friends are always willing to work lunch with me into their,much busier than mine, schedules. Thanks ladies! (You know who you are:)