Thursday, September 8, 2016

Again, these are pictures from an entire YEAR ago! But better late than never, I say.  Bill, Grant and I flew to Michigan for the BYU/Michigan game on September 26, 2015.  It was a trip Grant was especially looking forward to.  His dream has been to attend The University of Michigan for a few years now...we took a bit of a self-guided tour and got a letter that stated we had visited the campus so Grant could count this as a "college trip" and thus be excused from school.  We spent way too much money on Michigan paraphernalia, and loved watching Grant.  He was in heaven! Ann Arbor is a cool little town.  But in the winter?...yikes! No thanks.
 We were fortunate to meet the legendary Lavell Edwards, former football coach at BYU. He was super nice and happy to pose for a picture.  I always remember him being taller...he seems to have shrunk in his older age.  But then again, Grant is pushing 6'4".
 It was a really beautiful day for some football at Michigan stadium!
 And how awesome was this??!! We met up with our old college friends the Kinards who live in Indiana! Dave actually used to play at the Y...we have kept in touch all of these years.  It was a fun few minutes seeing them!
 We also saw James and Joseph Jenkins who live in Kentucky! Such a fun day and such an awesome sight! The only bummer...BYU was terrible! Grant was ready to leave at half-time! We hung in there until the end...we had traveled a LONG way and were not leaving before the game was over...all in all though, it was a fantastic trip! We'd go again in a heartbeat!

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